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Simple chemical reactions encapsulated into a lipid sphere could have been the origin of the first cell more than 3 billion years ago on a young Earth. From then on, evolution has driven life into a complicated coordination of different types of cells, tissues, organs, organisms, populations and the biosphere. Although, we now understand much more about mechanisms driving life, we are still in the dark about many of the intricate details of these mechanisms. Research is still ongoing. Here, you will find research stories that try to understand the complexity of life in its various forms.
The act of gifting has a huge effect on our nervous system, general physiology and our psychology. © Sunaina Rao.
neuroscience · Life · 20 Mar 2021

Why Do We Enjoy Presenting Gifts To Our Loved Ones?

By Sunaina Rao
The answer lies in our evolution, neurobiology and psychology.
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