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Simple chemical reactions encapsulated into a lipid sphere could have been the origin of the first cell more than 3 billion years ago on a young Earth. From then on, evolution has driven life into a complicated coordination of different types of cells, tissues, organs, organisms, populations and the biosphere. Although, we now understand much more about mechanisms driving life, we are still in the dark about many of the intricate details of these mechanisms. Research is still ongoing. Here, you will find research stories that try to understand the complexity of life in its various forms.
Diabetes impacts millions of lives worldwide.
diabetes Β· Life Β· 25 Aug 2021

Is There a Permanent Cure for Type 2 Diabetes?

By Sunaina Rao
Here, I discuss three interesting strategies proposed by scientists that have the potential to permanently cure type 2 diabetes.

An illustration of the human brain. Illustration by Fakurian Design.
brain Β· Life Β· 05 Aug 2021

Electron Microscopy Reveals Brain Development Patterns in Worms

By Devadas Vivek
Researchers identified patterns of brain maturation in worms using electron microscopy, providing insights into brain development in humans.

Illustration showing a variety of breed of dogs with a text that reads "Smart Bois" indicating smart dogs. Β© FROMTBOT.
neuroscience Β· Life Β· 28 Jul 2021

Dogs Have a Theory of Mind and Can Recognise Lying Humans

By Devadas Vivek
Researchers recruited hundreds of dogs to a 'theory of mind' experiment, and determined that dogs were more likely to use their visual experience over cues from lying humans when looking for treats.

Soap and the coronavirus. Β© Sunaina Rao.
coronavirus Β· Life Β· 13 Dec 2020

How Does Soap Kill The Coronavirus Particle

By Sunaina Rao
A simple soap bar can instantly crumble the entire framework of the coronavirus particle, rendering it inactive. But how does it do this?

Illustration depicting red blood cells (RBCs). These cells like many other types of blood cells are produced by blood stem cells called haematopoietic stem cells (HSCs). Credit: Arek Socha.
stem cells Β· Life Β· 13 Dec 2020

Gene Regulating Blood Stem Cells' Maintenance Identified

By Devadas Vivek
This gene called MLLT3 regulated the production of more than 800 proteins, many of which are essential for the maintenance of blood stem cells.

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