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The famous astronomer Carl Sagan once said, "The cosmos is all there is and all that will ever be". Indeed, we live on a tiny speck in our cosmos but there is so much more, unimaginably more, mysterious things out there that we are only now beginning to explore. Here, you'll find interesting stories from all over the cosmos, as viewed from Earth.
The puzzling, fascinating surface of Jupiter's icy moon Europa looms large in this newly-reprocessed color view, made from images taken by NASA's Galileo spacecraft in the late 1990s. NASA/JPL-Caltech/SETI Institute.
solar system · Cosmos · 02 Dec 2019

Seeking Life on Europa, The Jovian Moon

By Devadas Vivek and Sampath Amitash
Europa is the smallest of the four Galilean moons orbiting Jupiter and is a prime candidate for extra-terrestrial life.
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