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Illustration showing a variety of breed of dogs with a text that reads "Smart Bois" indicating smart dogs. Β© FROMTBOT.
πŸ“° News Β· Life

Dogs Have a Theory of Mind and Can Recognise Lying Humans

A Tardigrade is a tiny, eight-legged animal that is extremely popular for its resiliency. Β© FROMTBOT.
animals Β· Life Β· 10 Jul 2021

Facts About Tardigrades

By Sampath Amitash
The most resilient animals known to us.

Scientific research and science policy making - Connected or disconnected? Β© Sunaina Rao.
covid-19 Β· Science Policy Β· 10 Feb 2021

Are our COVID 19 Policies Grounded in Quality Science?

By Sunaina Rao
A recent research published in the journal Science, explores how COVID 19 science affected policy making in government agencies, think tanks and IGOs.

The earth is drowning in plastic. What can we do about this? Β© Sunaina Rao.
environment Β· Earth Β· 19 Dec 2020

The Earth is Drowning in Plastic. Will Enzymes from this Plastic Eating Bacteria Provide New Hope?

By Sunaina Rao
Scientists show how re-engineering enzymes from a plastic eating bacteria, can provide us new avenues in plastic degradation.

Soap and the coronavirus. Β© Sunaina Rao.
coronavirus Β· Life Β· 13 Dec 2020

How Does Soap Kill The Coronavirus Particle

By Sunaina Rao
A simple soap bar can instantly crumble the entire framework of the coronavirus particle, rendering it inactive. But how does it do this?

According to results of a new study published in the journal Nature, there has been about 25 to 40% under-estimation of human contribution to methane in our atmosphere. Methane is one of the most potent greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, even more potent than CO2. Kamal J on Unsplash.
atmosphere Β· Earth Β· 13 Dec 2020

Methane: How Much Does Human Activity Contribute to The Environment

By Devadas Vivek
Scientists just discovered that there has been about 25 to 40% under-estimation of human contribution to methane in our atmosphere.

Illustration depicting red blood cells (RBCs). These cells like many other types of blood cells are produced by blood stem cells called haematopoietic stem cells (HSCs). Credit: Arek Socha.
stem cells Β· Life Β· 13 Dec 2020

Gene Regulating Blood Stem Cells' Maintenance Identified

By Devadas Vivek
This gene called MLLT3 regulated the production of more than 800 proteins, many of which are essential for the maintenance of blood stem cells.

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