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The DART spacecraft aims to collide with a small asteroid in a binary asteroid system. By colliding, scientists hope to push the asteroid slightly to change its orbit. This test will help scientists prepare planetary defence tools against any future threats caused by asteroids on collision course with Earth. Image created at FROMTBOT using materials taken fromNASA/Johns Hopkins APL.
asteroid Β· Cosmos Β· 27 Nov 2021

DART spacecraft launched and on collision course with an asteroid

By Devadas Vivek
The aim is to test the idea that we can push an asteroid away by bumping into it, in preparation for defence against any future asteroid hazards.

Ardem Patapoutian (left) and  David Julius (right). Credit - Ill. Niklas Elmehed Β© Nobel Prize Outreach.
neuroscience Β· Life Β· 07 Nov 2021

Science Explained - The 2021 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine

By Sunaina Rao
From chronic inflammatory pain to migraine, the discovery behind this year’s Nobel Prize could improve the quality of millions of lives.

A group of honeybees building their honeycomb.
insects Β· Life Β· 24 Sep 2021

How do bees make honey?

By Sunaina Rao
Converting simple sugary solutions into delicious, syrupy honey, bees can indeed be considered master chefs!

Science communicators play a central role in accurately conveying scientific advancements to the public. Β© Sunaina Rao
literacy Β· Science Policy Β· 11 Sep 2021

6 Inspiring Science Communicators and How They Have Changed the Way We Look at Science

By Sunaina Rao
In our opinion, they were instrumental in normalising the scientific process in pop culture.

Diabetes impacts millions of lives worldwide.
diabetes Β· Life Β· 25 Aug 2021

Is There a Permanent Cure for Type 2 Diabetes?

By Sunaina Rao
Here, I discuss three interesting strategies proposed by scientists that have the potential to permanently cure type 2 diabetes.

2021 PH27 is a small asteroid of just around 1 kilometer in diameter orbiting the sun within the Earth's orbit. This picture of an asteroid is only for representation.
asteroid Β· Cosmos Β· 24 Aug 2021

Astronomers Discover Rare "Interior Earth" Asteroid Zipping Around the Sun

By Devadas Vivek
The asteroid, named 2021 PH27 takes just 113 Earth days to complete its orbit around the sun making it the fastest-orbiting asteroid in our solar system.

Dogs can have very different visual abilities when compared to humans. Β© Sunaina Rao
dogs Β· Life Β· 17 Aug 2021

How Dogs and Humans See The World Differently

By Sunaina Rao
Dogs have contrasting visual abilities when compared to humans.

The shortening of the ends of the DNA strands in our chromosomes is one of the biomarkers for cellular ageing. Β© Sunaina Rao
ageing Β· Life Β· 09 Aug 2021

Can Telomerase Help Slow Down Ageing?

By Sunaina Rao
The role of telomerase in telomere maintenance and ageing.

An illustration of the human brain. Illustration by Fakurian Design.
brain Β· Life Β· 05 Aug 2021

Electron Microscopy Reveals Brain Development Patterns in Worms

By Devadas Vivek
Researchers identified patterns of brain maturation in worms using electron microscopy, providing insights into brain development in humans.

Illustration showing a variety of breed of dogs with a text that reads "Smart Bois" indicating smart dogs. Β© FROMTBOT.
neuroscience Β· Life Β· 28 Jul 2021

Dogs Have a Theory of Mind and Can Recognise Lying Humans

By Devadas Vivek
Researchers recruited hundreds of dogs to a 'theory of mind' experiment, and determined that dogs were more likely to use their visual experience over cues from lying humans when looking for treats.

A Tardigrade is a tiny, eight-legged animal that is extremely popular for its resiliency. Β© FROMTBOT.
animals Β· Life Β· 10 Jul 2021

Facts About Tardigrades

By Sampath Amitash
The most resilient animals known to us.

The act of gifting has a huge effect on our nervous system, general physiology and our psychology. Β© Sunaina Rao.
neuroscience Β· Life Β· 20 Mar 2021

Why Do We Enjoy Presenting Gifts To Our Loved Ones?

By Sunaina Rao
The answer lies in our evolution, neurobiology and psychology.

Scientific research and science policy making - Connected or disconnected? Β© Sunaina Rao.
covid-19 Β· Science Policy Β· 10 Feb 2021

Are our COVID 19 Policies Grounded in Quality Science?

By Sunaina Rao
A recent research published in the journal Science, explores how COVID 19 science affected policy making in government agencies, think tanks and IGOs.

Innovative thinking involves integration of knowledge from diverse disciplines. Image created by Sunaina Rao using vectors designed by Freepik.
mindset Β· Life Β· 20 Jan 2021

Paving The Way to Innovation

By Sunaina Rao
How interest in fields outside your established area of interest, can help in integrative thinking.

A decorated Christmas tree. Photo by Oleg Zaicev from Pexels.
plants Β· Life Β· 24 Dec 2020

The 'Evergreen' Tradition of Christmas Trees

By Sunaina Rao
Why Christmas trees stay green all year long and its relevance to the Christmas culture.

A group of nomadic female humans seen here with their children. Photo by Ian Macharia from Unsplash.
humans Β· Life Β· 19 Dec 2020

Sexual Division of Labour May Be Less β€˜Natural’ Than What We Think

By Sunaina Rao
Man the hunter and woman the gatherer? Well maybe not, in the more ancient human societies.

The CRISPR-Cas story. Β© Sunaina Rao.
gene-editing Β· Life Β· 24 Jul 2021

The CRISPR-Cas Story

By Sunaina Rao
How a serendipitous observation led us to edit the code of life.

The earth is drowning in plastic. What can we do about this? Β© Sunaina Rao.
environment Β· Earth Β· 19 Dec 2020

The Earth is Drowning in Plastic. Will Enzymes from this Plastic Eating Bacteria Provide New Hope?

By Sunaina Rao
Scientists show how re-engineering enzymes from a plastic eating bacteria, can provide us new avenues in plastic degradation.

Vaccines help save us from many deadly viral and bacterial infections. Β© Sunaina Rao.
vaccines Β· Life Β· 02 May 2021

Vaccines - What are They and How are They Made?

By Sunaina Rao
A peep into the different kinds of vaccines and how they work.

The human body is surrounded by a large variety of pathogens. Β© Sunaina Rao.
immune system Β· Life Β· 13 Dec 2020

How Does The Immune System Work? (Part 2)

By Sunaina Rao
The war rages on – The adaptive immune system.

The human body is surrounded by all kinds of pathogens. Β© Sunaina Rao.
immune system Β· Life Β· 13 Dec 2020

How Does The Immune System Work? (Part 1)

By Sunaina Rao
The fascinating story of the warriors in our body - The innate immune system.

How Does a Cell Move?
cells Β· Life Β· 13 Dec 2020

How Does a Cell Move?

By Sunaina Rao
Actin microfilaments in the movements of neutrophils.

Soap and the coronavirus. Β© Sunaina Rao.
coronavirus Β· Life Β· 13 Dec 2020

How Does Soap Kill The Coronavirus Particle

By Sunaina Rao
A simple soap bar can instantly crumble the entire framework of the coronavirus particle, rendering it inactive. But how does it do this?

A broken cell illustrates the complexity of a single unit of our life. Β© Sunaina Rao.
cells Β· Life Β· 13 Dec 2020

What Would Spill Out if You Burst a Cell Open?

By Sunaina Rao
Imagine you pulled out a single cell from your body and burst it open. What do you think would spill out of it?

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