This document was updated on 31st January 2021.

This document describes why and how FROMTBOT and it’s services (for example, its apps and websites) collect and process data from its users. Any queries regarding this document and the policy outlined within it can be addressed to


We and our partners (see below for a list of all our partners) use cookies and similar technologies (for example, web beacons) to track usage of our services and analyse traffic. These cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information but might contain information such as the pages/screens visited by users, the type of browser, operating system, device etc. We use this information to analyse performance of our services and devise strategies to improve overall user experience. To disable cookies, refer to your device/browser settings.

User Data

To enhance user experience and enable more features (for example on our apps), users can create an account on FROMTBOT. This is done via third-party federated identity providers like Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This service is powered by technologies provided by Google. Upon user authentication, the following personal information, some of which is received from the federated identity provider, via Google, is collected and stored on a secure database.

  • Profile information such as username, display name and email address
  • URL of the display photo provided by the identity provider
  • Device and hardware information such as platform, operating system, version, security patch details, etc.
  • Timestamps of events such as signing in or signing out
  • User agents (for example browsers) and IP addresses
  • Android Ad ID and Apple Identifier for Advertisers (IFDA)

We will use the above personal data only to provide services (for example, send newsletters or notifications), analyse performance, identify bugs (or crash reports) and to improve our products.

You can request to delete your account. Upon account deletion, all data associated with your account will also be deleted.



We use their services,

  • to authenticate users from various federated identity providers (for example,,,, etc).
  • to securely store data including user data, media and web pages in data centres and servers around the globe.

For more information on how they collect and use data, please visit

Google Analytics

We use their services to analyse usage and performance of our services. To opt out of their cookies, please visit on your device. For more information on how they collect and use data, please visit and


We use their services to embed and display videos. For more information on how they collect and use data, please visit


We use their services to implement subscriptions and payments. For more information on how they collect and use data, please visit

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