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Sunaina Rao is a molecular biologist and the Chief Editor of FROMTBOT. Sunaina is also a science illustrator and passionate about science communication.
The shortening of the ends of the DNA strands in our chromosomes is one of the biomarkers for cellular ageing. © Sunaina Rao
ageing · Life · 09 Aug 2021

Can Telomerase Help Slow Down Ageing?

By Sunaina Rao
The role of telomerase in telomere maintenance and ageing.

Scientific research and science policy making - Connected or disconnected? © Sunaina Rao.
covid-19 · Science Policy · 10 Feb 2021

Are our COVID 19 Policies Grounded in Quality Science?

By Sunaina Rao
A recent research published in the journal Science, explores how COVID 19 science affected policy making in government agencies, think tanks and IGOs.

The earth is drowning in plastic. What can we do about this? © Sunaina Rao.
environment · Earth · 19 Dec 2020

The Earth is Drowning in Plastic. Will Enzymes from this Plastic Eating Bacteria Provide New Hope?

By Sunaina Rao
Scientists show how re-engineering enzymes from a plastic eating bacteria, can provide us new avenues in plastic degradation.

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