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Devadas Vivek is a science writer and journalist. He is also an Editor at FROMTBOT. Devadas spends most of his time reading new research papers.
An illustration of the human brain. Illustration by Fakurian Design.
brain · Life · 05 Aug 2021

Electron Microscopy Reveals Brain Development Patterns in Worms

By Devadas Vivek
Researchers identified patterns of brain maturation in worms using electron microscopy, providing insights into brain development in humans.

Illustration showing a variety of breed of dogs with a text that reads "Smart Bois" indicating smart dogs. © FROMTBOT.
neuroscience · Life · 28 Jul 2021

Dogs Have a Theory of Mind and Can Recognise Lying Humans

By Devadas Vivek
Researchers recruited hundreds of dogs to a 'theory of mind' experiment, and determined that dogs were more likely to use their visual experience over cues from lying humans when looking for treats.

2021 PH27 is a small asteroid of just around 1 kilometer in diameter orbiting the sun within the Earth's orbit. This picture of an asteroid is only for representation.
asteroid · Cosmos · 24 Aug 2021

Astronomers Discover Rare "Interior Earth" Asteroid Zipping Around the Sun

By Devadas Vivek
The asteroid, named 2021 PH27 takes just 113 Earth days to complete its orbit around the sun making it the fastest-orbiting asteroid in our solar system.

According to results of a new study published in the journal Nature, there has been about 25 to 40% under-estimation of human contribution to methane in our atmosphere. Methane is one of the most potent greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, even more potent than CO2. Kamal J on Unsplash.
atmosphere · Earth · 13 Dec 2020

Methane: How Much Does Human Activity Contribute to The Environment

By Devadas Vivek
Scientists just discovered that there has been about 25 to 40% under-estimation of human contribution to methane in our atmosphere.

Illustration depicting red blood cells (RBCs). These cells like many other types of blood cells are produced by blood stem cells called haematopoietic stem cells (HSCs). Credit: Arek Socha.
stem cells · Life · 13 Dec 2020

Gene Regulating Blood Stem Cells' Maintenance Identified

By Devadas Vivek
This gene called MLLT3 regulated the production of more than 800 proteins, many of which are essential for the maintenance of blood stem cells.

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